LANC 2009
Industrial Informatics Research Group
Group Members

These are the people in the Architecture Research Group. You can contact them by clicking on the e-mail link (if any), and clicking in the name or visiting the web page for more details

     Ana Pont Sanjuán [web] [e-mail]
     José Antonio Gil Salinas [web] [e-mail]
     Josep Domènech [web] [e-mail]
     Julio Sahuquillo Borrás [web] [e-mail]
Phd Students
     Bernardo A. de la Ossa Pérez [web] [e-mail]
     Raúl Peña Ortiz [web] [e-mail]
Research Support Technicians
     Tito Raúl Vargas Hernández [web] [e-mail]
Previous Group Members
     Ingrid Juliana Niño González [web] [e-mail]
     Johann Marcelo Márquez Barja [web] [e-mail]
     Juan Lacort [e-mail]
     Luis Guillermo Cárdenas Alexandres [web] [e-mail]


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