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Industrial Informatics Research Group
Johann Marcelo Márquez Barja
 Name: Johann Marcelo Márquez Barja
Department: Department of Systems Data Processing and Computers
Organization: Polytechnic University of Valencia
Tel.: +34 96 3879215
Fax.: +34 96 3877579
Web site:
Mailing address: Escuela Técnica Superior de Informática Aplicada.
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.
Camino de Vera, s/n
46022, Valencia
Valencia, España

Johann Marcelo Márquez Barja was born in Sucre-Bolivia, he finished his school studies at Lathrop High School (1996. Fairbanks , Alaska), then he return to Bolivia and study Computer Science, getting his Systems Enginner degree at Royal and Pontiff Saint Francisco Xavier of Chuquisaca Major University in 2002 (Sucre-Bolivia). He moved to La Habana (Cuba) and study at José Antonio Echeverría Polytechnic University a Master of Science Program on Telematics receiving his degree at 2004. Nowadays he is a Ph.D. candidate of "Technology and Architecture of Computer Systems" Ph.D. Program offered by the Department of Computer Engineering (DISCA) at Polytechnic University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain) with the support of the European Union Programme of High Level Scholarships for Latin America.

He has done several works and consultancy for many institutions and organizations inside and outside of his home country.

Since 2004 he joined The Web Architecture Research Group at UPV. His main research and work areas are: Web Prefetching, Proxy Cache and Web Architecture.

He is also interested in Computer Networks, Computer Security, Data Integration, Telematics Services, and Distributed Databases.

Papers in proceedings
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