TLSF is used in

As far as the authors know, TLSF has been used in the following systems:

  • Hypervisors
  • Real-Time kernels
  • Linux distributions
    • A version of TLSF developed by Nitin Gupta (xvMalloc) used in the compcache module for Linux.
    • CRUX.
  • Other O.S.
    • Amiga 0S.

      Chris Hodges has ported the TLSF to the AmigaOS. This also cover the "special case" allocating the largest available chunk. Moreover, it contains an "AllocAbs" function, which will attempt to allocate a block at a certain address. This is used in AmigaOS for blocks with special memory alignment requirements. The software is available here.

    • Lego Mindstorms NXT development platform

      NxOS is a flexible, high performance embedded operating system and set of development tools for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT brick. We aim to provide robot programmers, embedded operating systems enthusiasts and students in robotics and computer science with a rich and powerful platform for the NXT brick.

  • Applications
    • Ayyi: Ayyi is a Linux based modular audio production system.
    • NOTAM:NOTAM is a production centre for work with sound in music, research, education and mediation.
  • Projects
    • Orocos: Open Robot Control Software.
  • Real-Time databases

    If you are using TLSF in your development or product, please inform us sending an email to