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VOS4ES is a collaborative research project supported by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme in the area of Research for SME's.

Responsible: Patricia Balbastre

VOS4ES started on November 1, 2011, and will last for 2 years.

The VOS4ES goal is to provide a highly extendible, open source virtualization layer and a set of supporting tools that will allow SMEs to have access to virtualization technologies at a low cost and with high flexibility concerning its adaptation to specific requirements as opposed to existing proprietary solutions.
The main objectives of the VOS4ES project are:

  • To survey a sufficient number of SMEs from different embedded system areas (i.e. space, aviation, automotive, communications) and collect a representative set of technical requirements for the VOS4ES framework.
  • To create the VOS4ES virtualization layer based on the existing XtratuM hypervisor.
  • To adapt several OSs for execution over the VOS4ES virtualization layer.
  • To design and develop the VOS4ES supporting tools framework to support the VOS4ES virtualization layer configuration and building and the whole system’s execution control, debugging, validation and WCET analysis.
  • To assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the VOS4ES virtualization layer and supporting tools framework through the realization of a set of representative pilots from the space, avionics, automotive and communications areas, to be administered by the participating SMEs.
  • To widely disseminate the knowledge to be generated by the project and promote the adoption of the VOS4ES approach at the European Level.

Project website: vos4es web site