TECOM: Trusted Embedded Computing

TECOM (Trusted Embedded Computing) is a consortium research project funded in part by the Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA2) programme.

TECOM-ITEA is partially funded by ITEA 2, a EUREKA project running under the European cluster programme.

The work of the Spanish TECOM partners is partially funded by MITYC, the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, under contract FIT-340005-2007-40.

Duration: 2008-2011

Website: http://www.tecom-itea.org

Responsible: Alfons Crespo


TECOM is targeting to develop both a publicly available trusted operating system for embedded systems as well as trusted and secure software technology on the application level. The project results will protect the upcoming generation of embedded systems against the whole variation of security incidents well known from the PC world. Based on the public available standards of the Trusted Computing Group this project will work on software modules and operating systems for all areas of trusted and secure computing in the embedded regime like mobile phones, trusted networking, secure content management for Digital Rights Management (DRM), industrial control, automotive and a lot of similar applications with restrictive security and trust requirements. TECOM will fulfill today’s needs for trusted systems building blocks and transfers already existing standards and theoretical know-how into the real application and product world to support the need for trust and security technology in full variation of emerging and future applications.