OCERA – Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications

FP5 Project IST 35102

Duration: 2002-2005

Website: http://www.ocera.org

Responsible: Alfons Crespo


The main objective is the design and implementation of a library of free software components for the design of embedded real-time systems.These components will be used to create flexible(new scheduling will support a wide variety of applications),configurable(scalable from a small to a fully featured system), robust (fault-tolerant and high performant) and portable (adaptable to several hw/sw configurations) systems. The OCERA components will provide Linux with the new real-time functionalities and will permit embedded system developers to access all these benefits. The project shall transfer to the industrial world an innovative real-time technology which leans on scientific results recognized and validated in a formal way. The components will be designed to cover the widest application range including fully critical systems, and systems with different critically degrees.