FRESCOR: Framework for Real-time Embedded Systems based on COntRacts

FRESCOR is a consortium research project funded in part by the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6/2005/IST/5-034026).

Duration: 2006-2009


Responsible: Alfons Crespo


The FRESCOR project is aimed at developing a framework that integrates advanced flexible scheduling techniques directly into an embedded systems design methodology, covering all the levels involved in the implementation, from the OS primitives, through the middleware, up to the application level. This will be centred on a new contract model that will specify which are the application requirements with respect to the flexible use of the schedulable resources in the system, and also what are the resources that must be guaranteed if an application component is to be installed into the system, and how the system can distribute any spare capacity that it has, to achieve the highest usage of the available resources or to optimise their usage while addressing energy constraints. The project will build on the results of two previous EU projects: FIRST - Flexible Integrated Real-Time Systems Technology - and OCERA Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications