ArtistDesign – European Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design

FP7 Project Grant Agreement Number 214373
January 1st 2008 - December 31st 2011

Duration: 2008-2011


Responsible: Alfons Crespo


The objective of ARTIST2 is to strengthen European research in Embedded Systems Design, and promote the emergence of this new multi-disciplinary area. ARTIST2 will implement an international and interdisciplinary fusion of effort to create a unique European virtual centre of excellence on Embedded Systems Design. This interdisciplinary effort in research is mandatory to establish Embedded Systems Design as a discipline combining competencies from electrical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, and control theory. The ambition is to compete on the same level as equivalent centres in the USA (Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon), for both the production and transfer of knowledge and competencies, and for the impact on industrial innovation.