Memory Resource Management for Real-Time Systems
A. Marchand,  Patricia Balbastre,  Ismael Ripoll,  M. Masmano,  A. Crespo,  
19th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS\'07)
Dynamic memory storage has been widely used for years in computer science. However, its use in real-time systems has not been considered as an important issue, and memory management has not receive much consideration, whereas today's real-time applications are often characterized by highly fluctuating memory requirements. In this paper we present an approach to dynamic memory management for real-time systems. In response to application behavior and requests, the underlying memory management system adjusts resources to meet changing demands and user needs. The architectural framework that realizes this approach allows adaptive allocation of memory resources to applications involving both periodic or aperiodic tasks. Simulation results demonstrate the suitability of the proposed mechanism.
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