Analysis of Window-Constrained Execution Time Systems
Patricia Balbastre,  Ismael Ripoll,  A. Crespo,  
Journal of Real-Time Systems
Feasibility tests for hard real-time systems provide information about the schedulability of the task set. However, this information is a yes or a no answer, that is, whether the task set achieves the test or not. From the real-time system design point of view, having more information available would be useful. For example, how much the computation time can vary without jeopardising the system feasibility. This work specifically provides methods to determine off-line how much a task can increase its computation time, by maintaining the system feasibility under a dynamic priority scheduling. The extra time can be determined not only in all the task activations, but in n of a window of m invocations. This is what we call a window-constrained execution time system. The results presented in this work can be used in all kinds of real-time systems: fault tolerance management, imprecise computation, overrun handling, control applications, etc.
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