Coordinator:Ismael Ripoll
Finantial institution:Spanish Ministry of Education, Science and Technology - TIC2005-08665-C03
Start: 01/12/2005
End: 31/12/2009
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Partners: Polytechnic University of Madrid
University of Cantabria
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Researchers: Joan Vila
Miguel Masmano Tello
Sergio Sez
Vicent Brocal Tortosa
The major objective of this project is to provide an integral support to the development of embedded real-time distributed systems which will include a family of interoperable platforms, their connection mechanisms, the applicable architecture and design methodologies, and the application domains of the new generation of this kind of systems. This integral support will deal with all the levels from the operating system and the networks, through the communications and quality of service management middleware, up to the application level.

Expected results include configurable open platforms enabling interoperatibility between processors, operating systems and programming languages, middelware for distributed embedded systems with real-time and quality-of-service requirements, as well as methodological guidelines and development tools for this kind of systems.