Coordinator:José Simó
Finantial institution:U.E. IST Programme - IST 033279
Start: 01/06/2006
End: 30/06/2009
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Researchers: Gines Benet
The SENSE project (Smart Embedded Network of Sensing Entities) will develop methods, tools and a test platform for the design, implementation and operation of smart adaptive wireless networks of embedded sensing components. The network is an ambient intelligent system which adapts to its environment, creates ad-hoc networks of heterogeneous components, and delivers reliable information to itscomponent sensors and the user. The sensors cooperate to build and maintain a coherent global view from local information. Newly added nodes automatically calibrate themselves to the environment, and share knowledge with neighbors. The network is scalable due to local information processing and sharing, and self-organizes based on the physical placement of nodes.