Coordinator:Gines Benet
Finantial institution:Spanish Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (CICYT-FEDER DPI2002-04434-C04-03)
Start: 01/12/2002
End: 31/12/2005
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Partners: Polytechnic University of Valencia
Dept. of Systems Data Processing and Computers - UPV
Researchers: Javier Coronel Parada
The main objective of this project is to contribute to the implementation of mobile robotics in industrial environments. With this goal in mind, there are two particular problems to be solved, among others: improving the perception functionality and reducing developing costs. In the context of this latter aspect, the multi-agent paradigm is here proposed in order to solve such complex applications. As a part of the general objective, a first sub-objective of this project is to establish the appropriate synergy between the mobile robot's hardware and software by coordinating the physical and logical components. This can be done by using a common abstract framework which helps the distribution of the logical components. The main interest of this sub-objective lies on the need of giving the mobile robots the following aspects: a) A characterization of sensors, actuators and controllers in terms of communication objects between them and the set of service interfaces (viewpoint of architecture of robot control). b) The suitable interfaces and protocols, in order to be able to execute control systems independently from both the communication channels with sensors/actuators and its location in the distributed system (viewpoint of architecture of system communications). c) An architecture of modular hardware/software system where variations in the robot's sensor information will have a minimum impact in higher levels (vision of architecture of hardware/software systems).