Coordinator:Joan Vila
Finantial institution:Spanish Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (TIC2002-04123-C03-03)
Start: 01/01/2003
End: 31/12/2005
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Partners: Polytechnic University of Madrid
University of Cantabria
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Researchers: Enrique Hernández Orallo
Ismael Ripoll
Jorge Real
Josep S. Blanes i Domenech
Sergio Pérez
Sergio Sáez
Silvia Terrasa
The aim of the project is to develop methods and tools for building distributed, embedded real-time systems with a high level of reliability and quality of service requirements. The approach is based on using software component technologies integrating specification and analysis methods for system properties related to reliability, quality of service, and temporal behaviour. Three abstraction levels are considered: execution and communication platforms, middleware and component support, and applications. The application fields that will be considered are: multimedia systems, ubiquitious systems, and industrial control systems, as well as other related fields where strict reliability requirements are common (high integrity systems). The expected results include: real-time kernels with high-integrity and quality-of-service characteristics, communication subsytems and middleware for systems with this kinds of requirements, study reports on system analysis methods and devel- opment tools for building distributed real-time systems. The methods and tools that will be developed in the project will be applied in three application domains that will act as demonstrators: multimedia systems, ubiquitious systems, and industrial control systems.